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A Filipina met her American husband through an online game

RPGs or Role Playing Games was really only a form of escape for Samra. The 23-year-old Pinay was a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia and apart from dealing with homesickness, she also had to deal with an abusive boss.

Little did the Maguindanaoan know that apart from solace, entertainment, and even friends, Samra would also find love in RPGs.

Samra and Triston
Samra and Triston

In June 2017, she virtually met an American boy named Triston Wallin. Samra learned Triston is a professional gamer from Las Vegas, who is just as fond of video games as she was. He had no plans on courting Samra, but after several exchanges of messages, he fell heads over heels in love.

They bonded over games, with Triston gifting Samra rare items and even game money. Through a video call, they finally saw each other’s faces.

But Samra held back. She hasn’t recovered from her previous relationship, after all. They kept on talking and doing video calls until finally on Triston’s birthday, she surprised him with the sweetest birthday gift. Samra said yes to Triston, and they’re now officially a couple.

They continued their relationship, regularly going on video calls. In September, and on another video call, Triston proposed marriage. He was just sure of his feelings.

Samra said yes and a plan for a physical meet-up was hatched. Triston was to fly from the US, while Samra from Saudi. They were to meet in the Philippines.

On December, they finally saw each other, face-to-face.

Triston proposed again, in real life, and when he found out that Samra was Muslim and followed the strict Muslim code of marrying another Muslim, Triston converted. He was going to marry the woman of his dreams. 

They had a traditional Muslim wedding and a modern wedding ceremony a week after.

Triston and Samra are currently residing in the Philippines, but Triston is planning to fly back to America so he can fix his wife's papers.

He wants her to become an official resident of his country where together, they will press the start button of their happily ever after. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News

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