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Facebook dating and ‘ghosting’ explained

Facebook's introduction of its new online dating feature sparked excitement for those needing a bit of help in finding a special someone.

According to Jerald Uy's report for GMA News Online's Stand for Truth, Facebook users now have the option to let the app find a "match" for them.

Hitting it off with people you know or have connections with sounds promising, but is tough for people who find themselves "ghosted" on matchmaking apps.

But what exactly is ghosting, and why is it so terrifying?

Stand for Truth talks to Jax Gonzales, who had an official break-up with online dating apps after a "match" painfully left him in limbo.

However, expecting parents Alvin Jan Leonardo and May Jo-Anne Coronel also revealed how swiping right led them to the happy ending of finding each other. —Margaret Claire Layug/NB, GMA News