Throw a birthday party both you and your child will love!

Children’s parties, especially a child’s first and seventh birthday celebrations, have become every parent’s exciting yet challenging yearly task. Make planning stress-free with these tips that will get you on track to throwing the best party ever for your kid!

Set your budget.
Determining how much you’re willing to spend for the event is the first step for the entire process. It helps to set the number of guests you’ll invite, the type of food you’ll prepare, and even the type of decorations you’ll put up. But don’t let a tight budget dampen your spirit since setting this just allows you to become more creative in party planning, without having to regret spending beyond your means once the party is done!

Create your guest list.
Deciding who comes to your kid’s party is the next step in planning as it determines your party venue. Count off relatives, co-parents at school, your kid’s best friends and classmates, as well as close neighbors. Also leave buffer space in your list for extra guests, just in case some invitees bring more people than expected.

Keep your child’s happiness at the center!
Make your celebration memorable for the person who matters the most: your kid. You can do this by celebrating with a theme your child will enjoy. A favorite cartoon character or toy, a board game or computer game? It could even just be his or her favorite color! Setting the theme also makes planning all other elements of the party easier, such as the decorations, invitations, and even the birthday cake!

Eat, drink, and be prepared.
Fried chicken and spaghetti are party staples that all kids will surely enjoy eating! If your budget permits, additional dishes for your adult guests will certainly be appreciated! Pro tip: keep in mind that a small percentage of guests may not RSVP, not show up on the day, or suddenly bring extra guests, so be ready for minor adjustments by having a small buffer for food to make sure no one goes hungry!

Let the fun begin!

When all the elements of the party have been set, don’t forget to hire an energetic and playful host to set the tone of the celebration. Hosts need not be someone expensive, it can simply be your sister, cousin or friend who has the knack to get the party going. Equip him or her with a guide on the program flow and small prizes for the parlor games! A good host will know how to encourage shy guests to participate and control rowdy crowds while keeping it light and cheerful.

Party planning may seem like a lot of work because it certainly is. If you find yourself short on time, know that you can easily get help! McDonald’s has party packages, inclusive of the venue, meals, and manpower that will allow you to put together the ideal celebration you want for your kid!


McDonald’s McCelebrations Birthday Party packages provide a spacious party room with themed backdrops and banners, invitations, full hosting, entertainment with game prizes, and, of course, your favorite McDonald’s meals! They can also make the party more festive with party hats, activity sheets, balloons, and the appearance of a McDonald’s character kids will surely love! You can choose from a wide variety of themes like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Thomas and Friends, Happy or McDonald’s resident friends – Ronald and the Gang!

Party planning is made more convenient with McDonald’s! You can drop by any McDonald’s store and talk to a party planner or visit for more details.

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