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Family suffering from blindness gets help from fellow Muslims in Maguindanao

A woman and her two children, who are all suffering from blindness, have received relief goods from Muslim volunteers amid the Ramadhan celebration as the country faces the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

According to Manal Sugadol’s report on “Stand For Truth” Thursday, farmer Bibaw Guiamal from Maguindanao lost her husband and was left alone to support her two children, Basir and Rashida.

‘Simula ng nawala siya [asawa], nawala na rin paningin ko,” she shared. Meanwhile her son, Basir, believed that he lost his sight because he was blinded by the sun’s rays.

“Ang iniisip ko nalang kung bubuhayin ako ni Allah,” Bibaw said. “Kung sino man ang gusto tumulong sa amin ay sana makarating.”

Fortunately, Muslim volunteers were able to reach Bibaw’s home as they gave away donations to far-flung areas in their community.

Muslims are celebrating the last week of Ramadhan, an annual ritual in Islam where devotees are prohibited to eat or drink from sunrise to sunset for 29 to 30 days.

Despite the solemn ritual, numerous Muslim volunteers continued to go out of their way to help others in need.

All over the country, over 200 Muslim organizations and 2,500 volunteers have come together to help their brethren amid the COVID-19 crisis. – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News