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Can you be 'too old' for online dating? Not for these 2 widows

Two widows have found love once again with the help of the internet.

In an episode of "IRL," Wines Logenio, 58, and Rose Calacday, 61, shared how online dating brought them together after losing their partners in 2008.

Tatay Wines said he knew that his relationship with Nanay Rose was "love at first sight" the second he saw her profile picture.

As a person who enjoys meeting and talking to people online, Wines couldn't help but ask Rose if they could "eyeball" right away.

Rose, however, was new to dating again after her husband's death, so she convinced Wines to try getting to know one another better from a distance.

She finally agreed to meet him when he came home to the Philippines three months later, and the two hit it off on the first date.

"Ang sabi niya (Wines), ako daw 'yung lahat ng mga katangian, nasa 'kin daw," Rose said.

"Maasikaso, at saka kahit daw nagagalit ako, inaasikaso ko pa rin siya, kahit nagtatanong po ako sa kanya, pinagluluto ko pa rin siya, pinaghahain ko," she added.

Things were going great, until Rose called off their relationship after learning he was still talking to other women online.

And so, Wines returned to his work abroad and he realized as days went by that he could not lose what he had with Rose.

He tried his best to earn her forgiveness, and the two made the decision to live together and one day get married.

Wines and Rose may not have been each other's firsts, but both of them believe the internet matched them just in time to be each other's last.

—Margaret Claire Layug/MGP, GMA News