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Most Filipinos with foreign spouses are married to this nationality

As they say, love knows no race!

While majority of the marriages in the Philippines in 2019 were between fellow Filipinos, there is a small percentage of citizens who tied the knot with foreign nationals, most of whom were Americans.

According to the 2019 Philippine Marriage Statistics released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) on Monday, 96.4% or 416,542 marriages in 2019 were between Filipino women and men, 3.5% or 15,047 marriages were between Filipinos and foreign nationals, and 0.1% were between non-Filipinos.

Of those intermarriages, 89.3% were with foreign men while 10.7% were with foreign women.

The highest number of mixed marriages among Filipino men were with American women (16.6%), followed by Australians (14%), Canadian (12.3%), Chinese (7.2%), and Japanese (7.1%) women.

The highest number of foreign marriages among Filipino women, meanwhile, were with American men (26.8%), followed by Japanese (10.6%), British (6.6%), Korean (6.3%), and Canadian (5.7%) men.

Meanwhile, the report also said fewer people in the Philippines appeared to be getting married.

With 1,183 marriages held daily in 2019, the year had a total of 431,972 registered marriages, compared with 2018’s 449,169.

From 2014 to 2019, however, 2016 still had the lowest number of registered marriages with only 419,600.

According to PSA, the study was based on the certificate of marriages registered at city or municipal civil registrars all over the country from January to December 2019. – RC, GMA News