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Maxene Magalona, Rob Mananquil celebrate 3rd wedding anniversary, open up about struggles at start of marriage

Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil are celebrating their third wedding anniversary!

To mark the special occasion, the couple took to social media to celebrate the milestone, as well as open up about their struggles during the first few years of their marriage.

“[Three] years. What an emotional roller coaster ride it has been. So many ups and downs until we both figured out the root cause of our issues and found ways to help each other heal,” Maxene wrote on Instagram on Monday, sharing a sweet photo of herself and Rob on their wedding day.

“Healing during the first few years of marriage is no piece of cake. It will really challenge you and push you to your limits. So many petty quarrels and long conversations about who’s right and wrong,” she added.

“So much energy wasted by arguing, pointing fingers and eventually giving each other the silent treatment—only to forget a few hours later why you even fought in the first place. It’s definitely a struggle but the great thing about it is that you both get to learn and grow together on a much deeper level.”

Maxene also shared the importance of being aware of “your spouse’s triggers so that you will know how to respond accordingly.”

“Knowing your partner’s trauma is a love language. And choosing to stay even after all the messy fights and unnecessary drama is true love,” the actress said. “Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to the one who holds my hand as he holds space for me and my healing. I believe in God because I feel His presence when I am with you. I love you @robmananquil. Thank you.”

She added jokingly: “Now do you guys understand why we choose not to have kids yet? #healingtakestime”

Meanwhile, Rob also greeted Maxene on Instagram with a sweet, lengthy caption partnered with a snapshot of their wedding.

Rob said that when he and Maxene met six years ago, they were the complete opposite of the other. 

“She was into parties, night outs & eating meat while I was into yoga, meditation, & have stopped eating meat for 10 years already & was transitioning into becoming vegetarian/vegan. We were on totally opposite sides of the moon, but the moment our eyes touched contact, it was a luminous glaze, tears just fell down like rain & we knew our meeting was a meeting of faith. As if the stars & planets were aligned & we knew to have one another was a blessing & a gift. Despite our huge difference in lifestyle, we chose to make it work, we choose each other daily, constantly, momentarily - it’s a continuous commitment to your partner & to yourself,” Rob said.


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“Everyday, Maxx & I deepen our understanding of what it means to love one another unconditionally,” he added.

According to Rob, the couple then took turns adjusting for the other person.

"Thankfully, after 4 years of hard work, dedication & commitment, thankfully she joined me in ALL my YOGA, MEDITATION and VEGAN food...It doesn’t always come easy, but those 4 years of work & patience was worth it. I love you @maxenemagalona," he wrote. "Thank you for allowing yourself to open up to my world of yoga, meditation and vegan food. I know it’s not the norm for most males out there, & I am forever grateful for you accepting my invitation to give them a try. I choose you everyday & always. Thank you for always being at my side.”

Maxene and Rob tied the knot twice in January 2018, first at a private church ceremony and second in a Boracay beach wedding. – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News