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A mother's nightmare: Woman finds out her baby was switched at birth

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Imagine being a mother who just gave birth, then finding out that the life you've been carrying inside you for nine long months was nowhere to be found.

Aprhil Sifiata, was given the wrong baby after she gave birth at a hospital in Rizal last January 18, 2021.

The mother's nightmare started with a simple hunch: Aprhil noticed right away that there was something different with her newborn.

"Sure po ako na hindi ko anak 'yun," Aprhil told Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. "May mga picture kami na hawak na hindi po talaga siya 'yun."

Aprhil's tita also noticed something wrong with the baby tag of the child she gave birth to, and the child they presented to them.

The name and date were off, and the baby tag was on a different foot.

"Sabi ko bakit yung tag, mali? Tsaka di ba nanganak ka, [January] 18? bakit nakalagay dito, 1/17/21? Sabi ko: 'Sis, hindi ba nagkakaroon ng palitan ng baby dito?" The tita said.

All their fears turned out to be for good reason, because the staff at the hospital had reportedly admitted that a baby tag had fallen off and they were not sure who it belonged to.

Desperate to know the truth, Aprhil and her husband Marvin asked for a DNA test with the help of "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" and the results were a shocking blow to the couple.

"Ang result ang DNA test ay negative," a medical expert concluded.

"The probability of maternity is zero percent. Ibig sabihin po nito, hindi niyo anak ang hawak niyong sanggol."

After experiencing a situation that is only common to fictional characters in TV dramas and teleseryes, April wants nothing more than to hold their real baby in her arms.

"Doon po sa baby ko, maghintay ka lang mahahawakan ka na ni mama. Mahal na mahal ka namin ni papi mo," she said.

"Masaya po kasi ito na po ang simula para mabawi po namin 'yung anak namin," her husband, Marvin, said. "Ang hiling lang po namin sa kanila makipag-cooperate po sila sa amin."

According to KMJS, the family whose baby was supposedly switched with Aprhil's have been informed about the situation and agreed to a DNA test.

The hospital, on the other hand, may face civil and administrative charges after putting the families through such a situation.

"Obviously, there's negligence because these things should not happen," a legal expert said. "They have to file the complaint with the DOH (Department of Health) kung gusto nilang papanagutin 'yung hospital." — Margaret Claire Layug/LA, GMA News

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