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Filipino babies switched at birth: Will they finally be home in their parents’ arms?

It's been a long and arduous road but finally, the two babies switched at birth at a hospital in the Philippines will finally be reunited with their biological parents. This is the first documented case of baby switching in the Philippines, according to the Department of Health (DOH).

In the latest episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho Sunday, the results of the second DNA test that the mothers and babies took came back positive, with the probability of maternity at 99.99998%.

The results proved that Aphril and Marvin Sifiata and Margareth Traballo and Kim Jasper Mulleno, brought home the wrong babies after giving birth.

"I’m happy," Aphril said, adding " My intuition was right."

" I'm happy because we will finally be reunited with our baby," her partner Marvin added.

A first-time mom, Aphril noticed right away that there was something different with her newborn. She sought the help of KMJS to confirm if they were given the wrong baby at the hospital.

Earlier this month, KMJS facilitated the DNA testing on Aphril and her baby.

The DNA test result: Negative. Aphril and the baby in her care are not biologically related.

Like the Sifiatas, the other couple involved in the case, Margareth Traballo and Kim Jasper Mulleno, underwent a DNA test.

The DNA test done on Margareth and her baby yielded a negative result. This meant that she is not the baby boy’s biological mother.

However, the two negative DNA results do not prove yet that the child under the Mullenos’ care is the Sifiata’s or vice-versa

Both couples underwent a confirmatory DNA test and agreed to return each other's babies should both test results come back positive.

Both DNA tests came back positive.     

" I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened," Margareth admitted. "I feel overwhelmed. I'm very happy that I’ll finally be with my baby, and they can be with theirs. I'm very grateful. If it weren't for KMJS, we wouldn't know the truth."

According to Kim Jasper, H Vill Hospital and the nurses have already apologised to them and even offered to refund their bill.

While the couple accepted the apology, they, like the Sifiatas, plan to pursue a case against the hospital and whoever else is accountable for the baby-switching incident.

"We want to do what’s right," Kim Jasper said. "So situations like this will not happen again. This way, it will serve as a lesson to hospitals to follow the proper protocols. They should always be mindful when dealing with newborns."

The KMJS team has been trying to reach out to the hospital but they have yet to give any statement on the matter.

According to the PRC Board of Medicine Chairperson Dr. Elanor Almoro, they can file an administrative case.

"In cases of this nature, the penalty can range from reprimand, suspension from practice, or revocation of license. The imposition of penalty will depend upon the deliberation of the entire board en banc," Dr. Almoro said. " We have to know who is behind what happened for the criminal complaint.”

Meanwhile, Regulation Licensing Enforcement Division Department of Health -- Calabarzon Chief Dra. Hermina L. Palaming said H Vill Hospital is still conducting an investigation on the matter.
" In case they are able to prove that the hospital made a mistake, the hospital will have to pay the fine of P30,000, and then P50,000 and revocation of license," Dr. Palaming said.

Aphril and Margareth gave birth in January. And after over a month of constant worry and uncertainty, they will finally be able to take their babies home. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News