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Alice Dixson introduces baby girl Aura, shares surrogacy journey

Alice Dixson is now a first-time mom to a baby girl named Aura!

On Saturday, the 51-year-old actress introduced her baby girl to the public and shared her surrogacy journey during the “Bawal Judgmental” segment of “Eat Bulaga.” 

“Babae ang anak ko (My child is a girl),” Alice said during the noontime show. “Her name is Aura.”

She said she was alone abroad when the surrogate gave birth. When Aura was finally handed over to her, Alice handled all of the baby’s needs by herself, from taking care of her daily needs to getting her passport and visa.

“I embraced ’yung experience dahil para makilala ko ng mabuti ang aking anak, para magkaroon din kami ng bonding time,” Alice said.

[I embraced the experience so I can get to know my daughter better, so we can have a bonding time.]

Alice admitted that she felt scared when she held baby Aura for the first time.

“It’s a mix of emotions, a sigh of relief, nervous that, ‘am I gonna be a good mom?,’ happiness. There are also some fears because there’s a lot of negative things going on around the world right now. I guess because I’m a very optimistic person, I was able to overcome those trials,” the actress said in Filipino.

Alice said being a mom was amazing and she wished she knew about it earlier.

She also shared that her long-time partner had been a supportive and hands-on father to Aura.

When she and Aura arrived in the Philippines, they had to stay in quarantine for six days.

Alice said her partner told her that he wanted to be the one to pick them up instead of a driver.

“Sabi niya, ‘ayoko ng driver. Pagsundo ko sa inyo gusto ko ako lang kasi special moment ito na mame-meet ko ang aking anak for the very first time,’” said Alice.  

[He said, “I don’t want a driver. I want to pick you up by myself because this is a special moment where I’m meeting my child for the first time.”]

“I saw how much he adored our child. Right away he fell in love,” she said. 

She said she noticed that Aura was advanced for her age. “She’s a very intelligent baby already,” she said, adding that her daughter had achieved several milestones that she wasn’t expected to hit yet.

“I just hope that she grows to be a strong woman. My mom was very strong and I learned from her to really be persistent, to look at the bright side of things,” said the actress.

“She’s already our sunshine. I hope that she will continue to bring brilliance and be somebody who will contribute to our community as well.”

Alice announced in April that they were welcoming their new baby.

In 2019, she revealed that after unsuccessful attempts to conceive, she and her partner decided to go through the process of surrogacy. – RC, GMA News