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Max Collins explains why there were two birthday parties for son Skye

Max Collins addressed questions from her followers after she and husband Pancho Magno had two separate birthday parties for their son this week.

In an interview with GMA reporters on Friday, the actress said her friends threw a surprise party for Skye, but "Pancho couldn't make it."

Max added that her husband threw a party of his own, which she was not able to attend because of work.

"Now, all we're focusing on is the fact that [he enjoyed the two] parties. It's sad [that] we couldn't be together on that day, but we're just gonna make [up for it] next time," she told GMA's Nelson Canlas.

When asked about the buzz surrounding their posts, Max said that she likes to keep her family life and career separate when it comes to social media.

"I really wanted to address the issue [because] Pancho and I have talked about how for now he's giving me time to prioritize my career," she said.

"That means, [on] social media, [we're quiet] and we have our own branding [as actors]," she added.

Max said she has a show coming up and she takes her projects seriously as an actress.

"So I'm so thankful to have a husband who supports me and who understands," she said.

Max also said both she and Pancho want to keep their family and marriage life private and just choose what they show to other people.

"I really don't have to explain things to people I suppose [because] that's our personal life. We talk about it together and I know that people are interested," she said.

"I just want to say you're entitled to your own opinion and I'm sorry if [I cannot answer all of you right away] but we're happy and that's all that matters."

Pancho echoed his wife's sentiments in an interview with Lhar Santiago.

"It just so happened that we had work, but the three of us also did something by ourselves that we don't have to [share]," he said in Filipino.

—MGP, GMA News