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Jennylyn Mercado, Dennis Trillo reveal surrogacy plan prior to pregnancy

Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo revealed that they had a surrogacy plan underway when they found out they were pregnant.

In an interview with MEGA magazine, the couple shared that they went to the US not only to get vaccinated, but also to harvest an embryo and find a surrogate.

With the help of a fertility specialist, Jennylyn said they were able to harvest five eggs, but only one was in excellent condition.

Dennis said they already had the embryo and all they had to do was find a surrogate to carry it.

“So, during the pandemic, meron sana kaming nahanap na isang surrogate kaso hindi kami nagkasundo du’n,” he said.

[We found a surrogate but we didn’t agree on some things.]

The couple said they later found a second surrogate who was perfect for their embryo.

“Pagkatapos naman, okay na lahat, Okay na. May schedule na ng implant. Nakilala na namin ’yung surrogate, mababait sila, tapos magpipirmahan na lang kami ng kontrata and ii-inject na lang ’yung embryo sa kanya ngayong October dapat,” said Dennis.

[After that, everything was set. Everything was okay. We had a schedule for the implant. We met the surrogate, they were kind, we just needed to sign a contract and inject the embryo supposedly this October.]

However, the plan changed when Jennylyn started to feel different.

Jennylyn recalled that she was spending time in quarantine for her lock-in taping when she started to feel negatively about almost everything.

“Nu’ng pagpasok ko sa hotel, ayoko ’yung hotel, nagdala ako ng vacuum, naglinis ako nang buo, ta’s umiiyak ako kasi, ‘bakit ang dumi,’” ’yung gan’on—’yung grabe ‘yung emotions ko! Hindi ko alam kung bakit,” she said.

[When I got into the hotel, I didn’t like it. I brought a vacuum, I cleaned everything, and I started to cry. “Why is it so dirty?” something like that—my emotions were so intense! I didn’t even know why.]

The actress said that when she finally arrived on the set where the actors got their own villa, she found herself tearing up again but this time because of the beauty of the place, and she started pouring her gratitude toward the director and executive producer.

Jennylyn said after a few weeks of taping, she started getting acid reflux and intense headaches. She also kept vomiting. That’s when she felt something was up. She also checked her cycle chart because her period was delayed by one week.

On Friday, Jennylyn confirmed that she was pregnant. She and Dennis, who celebrated their seventh anniversary together this year, also announced that they were finally engaged. – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News