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Did Tom Rodriguez unfollow Carla Abellana on Instagram?

It looks like Tom Rodriguez has unfollowed his wife Carla Abellana on Instagram.

On Tuesday, Tom shared a two-minute video showing a black screen with the word “.float” written in white while an audio excerpt from Japanese anime series “Cowboy Bebop” played in the background.

The dialogue on the audio clip went: “And now you’re leaving just like that? Why do you have to go? Where are you going? What are you going to do? Just throw your life away like it was nothing?”

To which, another voice answered. “I’m not going there to die. I’m going to find out if I’m really alive.”

A song then played after the conversation: “I wonder if I stepped off, would I float in space? Standing at a crossroads, frozen in place. I’m looking for salvation, but I miss my train. I’m too scared to go, too weak to stay.”



As of writing, his post has garnered hundreds of messages from fans expressing concern over the couple’s relationship.

“Haven’t heard from you lately. [I am] hoping your married life is okay. Just hold on together. Ngayon pa na dalawa na kayo. Harapin ang mga test and trials. Nag-umpisa pa lang kayo,” one commenter said.

“Keep the faith, Daddy! You two are always in our prayers. Everything will be okay po,” said another.

A check on their Instagram feed shows that Tom is not following Carla, while she is on his followers list.

Tom and Carla, who tied the knot in October, have been together for almost seven years. They said having a baby was one of their priorities as newlyweds. – RC, GMA News