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Nico Bolzico leaves hilarious updates on Solenn’s Instagram while she explores Milan

While Solenn Heussaff shared her glamorous looks from Milan Fashion Week on Instagram, Nico Bolzico did not fail to update her on what’s been happening in their household while she's away.

Just a few moments after Solenn left, Nico immediately shared under her Balenciaga fit post that chaos has already begun for him and their daughter Thylane.

“All good at the house, we just lost El Gato, we’ll find him, don’t worry, will update you later,” he wrote.

The day after, Nico shared good news on Solenn’s Fendi post: “Update: we found El Gato, Pochola drank water from the toilet. [You] look sexy!” 



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Of course, it didn’t stop there, given Solenn’s week-long absence from their Manila home. Just as things went okay with El Gato, Nico himself got into trouble.

“Update: [broke] my pinky toe dancing ‘Frozen’ with Tili (Let it go). [You] look so beautiful!” he said.



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Solenn left no reply to any, but it sure looks like she’s going to deal with all of these once she gets home.

In a recent post, Solenn said she is “headed back home” and will now be on “regular programming.”



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To which, Nico commented: “We miss [you]. Update: Pochola peed on your side of the bed, I believe it is safer if you don’t sleep in our bed for the first few days, Pochola marked na.”

While waiting for Solenn’s arrival, meanwhile, Nico shared in his stories that their daughter Thylane has been “practicing to say ‘Hola, Mama’ today.”

Solenn and Nico, who tied the knot in 2016, welcomed their baby Thylane on New Year’s Day in 2020. — Franchesca Viernes/BM, GMA News