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These are the fur babies waiting for you at QC Animal Care and Adoption Center

Meet Jackie, Lucy, Maggie, and Abdul—these are some of the cuddly fur babies at Quezon City Animal Care and Adoption Center that you may want to give a loving, forever home to.

According to Katrina Son’s “24 Oras” report Saturday, some of these animals were stray or homeless, rescued from maltreatment, or abandoned by their former owners.

The dogs and cats at QC Animal Care and Adoption Center have undergone training for at least two months to eliminate bite tendencies and aggressiveness. The animals have also received basic agility and obedience training.

Some were trained to be guard dogs to join barangay officers and fire volunteers, or emotional support dogs for the elderly and children.

Interested fur parents may check the Facebook page of Quezon City Animal Care and Adoption Center or visit its office in Payatas so they can see the animals for themselves.

They must bring a valid ID and a photo of the inside and outside of their home. Approved adoption applications are charged PHP500.

The Quezon City local government reminds animal owners to keep an eye on their pets at all times as LGU rules state that owners of strays are liable for sanctions.

Stray animals will be kept by the barangay for three days before these are transferred to the pound and prepared for adoption if no one picks them up. – RC, GMA News