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Juan Karlos and Maureen Wroblewitz announce split

Juan Karlos and model Maureen Wroblewitz just announced their breakup.

On Instagram Friday, the singer posted a smiling photo, presumably from better times and said "Magka-ibigan na ngayo’y matalik na magkaibigan."

The "Buwan" singer reminded the model "na kahit pagbaliktarin mo man ang mundo, kahit saang lupalop man ng kalawakan, ikaw parin ang nag-iisa kong buwan."

"Maraming salamat, mahal kita, at hanggang sa muli," he ended his note.

Maureen, apart from her red heart emoji comment on Juan Karlos' post, took to her on IG account and posted an art card that read "life is not happening to you. life is happening for you."

In the caption, she said, "some things come to an end and that’s okay. But now, it’s time for us to grow on our own."

In the comments section of her post, Juan Karlos left a lengthier message, acknowledging just how lucky he was to have spent the last few years with Maureen.

"You’ve taught me so much and I have learned, I am learning, and I will learn more. We are both so young and we have to enjoy ourselves," he added.

Juan Karlos told Maureen he wanted to see her succeed. "I love seeing you achieve your dreams. You will. We will. Here’s to growth and love for ourselves."

Sounds like the most mature breakup ever. — LA, GMA News