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Tom Rodriguez reveals he is already divorced from Carla Abellana

Tom Rodriguez has revealed that he is already divorced from Carla Abellana.

According to Nelson's Canlas' report on "24 Oras," Friday, Tom admitted in a statement that his marriage with Carla has already fallen apart.

"I left the Philippines for the US last March 13, with the realization that despite all my efforts, Carla had already given up on our marriage," he said.

"I have accepted her decision that it is time to move forward, independent from each other. I have to teach myself how to fall out of love from her," he added.

Tom is an American citizen, so he can file for divorce. It will only be recognized in the Philippines when the court approves a petition of recognition of foreign divorce decree.

"Now that the divorce decree is final, I truly wish Carla's birthday wish be granted and that she finds the happiness she is searching for," he said.

Carla previously posted on Instagram that her birthday wish is to be happy.

The actress broke her silence on their marriage in response to a comment on her YouTube vlog, saying she was "disrespected," "betrayed," and "made to look stupid."

"[Pitong] taon na po akong bawal magalit, magtampo, masaktan, mabigo, malungkot, madismaya dahil hindi po pwede," she said.

"Makakatikim po ako kahit subukan ko pong ipaliwanag sa kanya na nasasaktan niya ako at hindi po tama ang ginagawa niya. Paulit-ulit ko pong pinapaalala sa kanya na hindi po ako kalaban at mabuti po ang kalooban at intensyon ko."

In his statement, Tom denied hurting Carla physically.

"I may have fallen short as a partner, especially when I lost all my money to someone who preyed on my gullibility, but it must be stressed that at no time did I ever lay a hand on Carla," he said.

He also said only he and Carla know the truth about what happened between them.

"I refuse to allow anyone, who wants to use us and our brokenness, for news. It was not a perfect relationship, but we both know how much we loved each other."

—MGP, GMA News