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Rayver Cruz surprises Julie Anne with fishing date

Julie Anne San Jose launched her YouTube vlog Friday with content from her fishing date with Rayver Cruz.

Right at the onset of the vlog, Julie revealed it was a surprise.

"It's 4:30am. I'm off to somewhere but I don't know where. I actually don't know where we're going," she began.

Rayver was late in picking her up — they agreed to 5am — but he more than made up to her with silly jokes that sent the "Limitless" singer laughing.

While Julie Anne had already gone fishing in her younger year, she said it was the first time in a long time that she'll go fishing. 

"I think magaling ka," Rayver tells Julie Anne, before coming sleek with the punch line: "Huli mo na ko eh."

While stuck in the car, Julie marked what the fishing date meant to her. Apart from it being the first time she'll be going fishin in the long time, it's also the first time she'll go fishing with Rayver.

"It's also my first-ever content on my vlog," Julie said. "So thank you Ray," she continued.

"Every vlog, I'm here," he replied laughing.

So perhaps it's not a coincidence that Julie Anne called her first vlog episode "JulieVer's Travels #1: Fishing."

Julie Anne and Rayver have been making fans kilig with their song and dance duets for a few months now. It looks like the two are ready to take it to the next level — their content that is. — LA, GMA News