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Viy Cortez shares birthing story of son Zeus 'Kidlat' Velasquez

One week after welcoming baby Zeus "Kidlat" Velasquez into their family, Viy Cortez and CongTV shared their birthing story in a vlog uploaded on Monday night.

A day before Viy gave birth, she and Cong had already checked in on the presidential suite of Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang to prepare for the big day.

The ViyLine CEO's operation was set at 11am the following day, so she prepared two hours before that. Meanwhile, Cong was playing it cool and staying beside Viy's side.

Fast forward to the operation, and Cong couldn't stay with Viy inside the operating room due to the hospital's protocols.

“Grabe yung hirap nila, tapos tayo dito pahintay-hintay lang. Stage 1 pa lang yan, tapos may recovery pa. Kawawa talaga sila,” Cong reflected on Viy’s birthing pains and struggles.

When Cong finally caught a glimpse of his son, he turned teary-eyed.

“Ilang beses ko na narinig na titigil ang mundo mo. Yung moment na nakita ko siya, nag-rewind yung buong buhay ko, hindi lang tumigil,” Cong said.

As of writing, Viy's vlog titled "KIDLAT IS HERE" is no. 7 on YouTube's trending videos, with over 1,277,536 views.

In 2020, Viy and Cong suffered from a miscarriage. In December 2021, the long-time couple announced that they were expecting a child.

Viy gave birth to Baby Kidlat on July 5. — LA, GMA News