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Chesca Garcia on her marriage with Doug: 'My favorite love tale of all time'

Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia-Kramer are relationship goals, as always!

Currently in Hong Kong Disneyland, the couple posed in front of the famous castle with Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” playing in the background. The slideshow showed Doug carrying Chesca newlyweds-style, where they bear big smiles before giving each other a sweet kiss.

Chesca calls their love story, “My favorite love tale of all time.”

“Every page of this story gets better, because no matter where the plot may take us, no matter what the twists might be, we always look to each other,” she added.

Doug said in the comments section, “I love you baby!”

Their eldest daughter Kendra added, “Yours and Papa's is also my favorite love story.”

Team Kramer is currently in Hong Kong for their first family trip of 2023.

Doug and Chesca got married in 2008. They have three children, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. — LA, GMA Integrated News