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Kryz Uy receives a handwritten letter from Slater Young for her birthday: 'The best gift ever'

Slater Young once again just proved that chivalry is not dead!

For Kryz Uy’s 33rd birthday last week, Slater turned old-school and gifted his wife with a bouquet and a lengthy handwritten letter.

In Kryz’s vlog on Sunday, titled “Birthday Vlog, Slater’s Sweet Gift, Sharing Intimate Realizations,” Kryz thought she wanted to have a big celebration after having simple gatherings due to the pandemic, but then she realized how special her simple birthdays have become.

“Hubs gave me some flowers and the sweetest letter — the best gift ever,” the lifestyle vlogger wrote.

“I’ve never been one to love receiving gifts, but send me a heartfelt note, and I’m smitten all over again,” Kryz added.

In the vlog, Kryz shed some happy tears as she read Slater's letter to her.

“The best gift I could have ever asked for is a husband who knows me so well and gives me letters instead of gifts and loves me to my very core,” she added.

“I love my little family. I have everything I need,” she concluded.

Kryz and Slater tied the knot in February 2019. A little over a year later, Kryz gave birth to Scottie. They welcomed another baby boy named Sevi in 2022. — LA, GMA Integrated News



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