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Kris Aquino clarifies Mark Leviste is her ‘best male friend’

Mark Leviste and Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino clarified: She and Batangas Vice Gov. Mark Leviste are only best friends. 

On Instagram Wednesday, Leviste shared he flew to the United States to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Aquino’ birthday with her, causing netizens to wonder whether or not the two are dating.

Aquino quickly set the record straight in the comment secion of Leviste's post, saying they agreed to being friends.

“May we clarify - together physically in the same place. I appreciate all your effort (through the years) but please clarify that we agreed the best foundation for any [and] all relationships is friendship.”

“I know [and] I state with 100% accuracy [that] you’re my best male friend,” she added.


On Wednesday’s “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” Kris’ dear friend Tito Boy said he believes Aquino. He also took the time to thank Leviste for his efforts.

“Mark, for all the things that you do, for all the things that you are to Kris Aquino today, bilang kaibigan, maraming salamat. If you make her smile, thank you. If you make her well, thank you,” Tito Boy said.

Leviste also visited Aquino last month, sharing photos of Kris looking healthier after moving to the US.

Aquino is currently battling multiple autoimmune diseases. Just recently, she shared that a new doctor has given her renewed hope that she can get better. — LA, GMA Integrated News