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Jasmine Curtis-Smith on life and love: 'Kailangan talaga bukas ka sa lahat'

In the 28 years she's been living on earth, what has Jasmine Curtis-Smith learned about life and love?

Boy Abunda posed the question to the actress on Tuesday's episode of "Fast Talk," and Jasmine eloquently answered.   

On love, she began by saying, "Kailangan talaga bukas ka sa lahat ng nararamdaman mo. Kung may masakit, kung nagseselos ka, kailangan alam mo paano mo 'yun i-share sa partner mo."

"Kailangan ready ka rin maramdaman mo because no relationship is perfect," she continued.

"Kailangan ready ka rin bumalik sa pagiging happy together, looking forward to spending and creating more great memories together because life is so short," she added.

Jasmine has been with her non-showbiz boyfriend Jeff Ortega for seven years. When Tito Boy asked her if one of them is the jealous type, Jasmine replied saying "Pareho kami pero mas siya." 

Meanwhile, on life, Jasmine "I know for sure it has to start with you." 

"If you want to help someone, you start with helping yourself first," she said. "If you want success for other people, reach for it for yourself first because once you achieve things for yourself, it will be so easy to help others around you, especially your family members. Kasi paano mo 'yun ma-achieve kung nasa pinakababa ka rin?"

"Pero if you're the one there, who needs the help, who's the one reaching out, don't be afraid as well because all it takes is you speaking up. Kailangan mo lang magsalita, magsabi, and I'm sure meron willing laging tumulong sa 'yo," she said.

"People in your life will come and go, no matter the circumstances — good or bad and kailangan ready ka sa mga ganun bagay for you to stand up even when things are shaking and changing."

Earlier in the "Fast Talk" portion of the interview, they also talked about the importance of kindness and how these are difficult times in the world today.

Jasmine said, "It's okay na madapa."

Tito Boy agreed, saying, "It's not an easy road. Pag nadapa, bangon." — Kimberly Tsao/LA, GMA Integrated News