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Iza Calzado shows daughter's face for the first time

Iza Calzado just showed her daughter's face for the first time.

On Instagram Wednesday, Iza shared snaps of Deia Amihan, who is three months old today.

"Our little seedling is growing fast," the actress began.

"As you turn 3 months old today, we set the intention of nurturing you so that you reach your fullest potential and fulfill your divine purpose in this world. By God’s grace, your future is brighter than we could ever imagine!" Iza wrote.

Quickly her friends from the industry, including Anne and Jasmine Curtis, Marjorie Barretto, Nikki Gil, Maggie Wilson, and Katarina Rodriguez commented their congratulations. 

In the photos taken by Pat Dy, Iza's beautiful daughter is depicted in — is that a rattan basinet? — her many folds showing as she laid down on her tummy.

Deia Amihan has large curious eyes, looking wondrously around her.    

Iza announced the birth of her first child last March, saying she gave birth last January 26.

She also shared her daughter's name Deia Amihan, after Iza's iconic "Encantadia" character. 

Iza married Ben Whintle in 2018. They announced they were expecting in 2022. 



— LA, GMA Integrated News