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Jackie Lou Blanco on the one thing she wishes she could change: 'Sana hindi kami naghiwalay ni Ricky'

Jackie Lou Blanco slyly admitted on Friday that she and husband Ricky Davao have separated.

On "Fast Talk with Boy Abunda," she was asked what one thing she wished she could change about the past. 

"Kung meron akong babaguhin, sana hindi kami naghiwalay ni Ricky  — kung mababago ko siya," Jackie Lou began.

"Only because I can see how affected my children were. Although they are very understanding, pero you know they have been affected in many ways. So sana hindi na lang para hindi sila naapektuhan in those ways," she reasoned.

Jackie Lou and Ricky Davao have been married since 1989 and have three grown children together — Kenneth, Rikki Mae, and Arabella — whom she says they still co-parent.

"What I can only do now — well both of us, malalaki na kasi mga anak ko— is to still co-parent. And to do what we can with what we have now. Kasi hindi mo na pwedeng baguhin yon eh," she told Tito Boy.

Jackie Lou and Ricky aren't the best of friends, but the two conveniently live two streets apart. "If there are emergencies, the kids can go back and forth," she told Tito Boy.

"If I have to tell Ricky something that I cannot say in person, I text him. Sometimes he'll answer, something he doesn't, but even if he doesn't answer, kung ano ang nilalapit ko sa kanya, ginagawan niya ng paraan so OK ako duon," Jackie Lou shares of her current set up with her ex-husband.

Jackie Lou and Ricky last worked together in the GMA series "AlterNate."

— LA, GMA Integrated News