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Diana Zubiri greets Sunshine Dizon happy birthday in 'Encantadia' language

Diana Zubiri has a special greeting for Sunshine Dizon on her birthday — her message is in the "Encantadia" language!

On Instagram, Monday, Diana shared several photos of her and Sunshine, as well as their fellow 2005 Sang'gres, Iza Calzado and Karylle.

Diana played Danaya in the original version of the iconic fantasy series, while Sunshine played Pirena.

"Hasne ivo live Pirena. E correi diu," she wrote in the caption, tagging Sunshine.

That translates to "Happy birthday Pirena. I love you."

Diana also set the geotag to Encantadia, Lireo — the kingdom of the Diwata in the Encantadia world.

"Love you ta doi," Sunshine replied.

Alfred Vargas, their fellow "Encantadia" co-star, also sent his greetings to Sunshine in the comments.

Diana replied to the actor with "Aquil," his character in the series and Danaya's love interest.

With "Encantadia" stars posting about the series lately on social media, Director Mark Reyes began pondering an "Encantadia multiverse."

Karylle, the original Alena, posted a tweet to her 2016 counterpart Gabbi Garcia when the Sparkle actress appeared on the GTV premiere of "It's Showtime."

Iza, who recently gave birth, also named her baby girl after her character, Amihan.

Meanwhile, "Encantadia" spinoff "Sang'gre" will go into production very soon.

—MGP, GMA Integrated News