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Amari tearfully asks father Billy Crawford for a new train set after old toy breaks

Amari, the son of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, cried his heart out after his train set broke, but Daddy Billy came to the rescue.

On Instagram, the Kapuso star shared a video of wife Coleen and Amari, where the toddler showed off his broken toy.

"Hello, Daddy. I want train," Amari told Billy in a video while crying.

"All of his trains were broken, Daddy, and there's only one that's fixed," Coleen added. "He's asking if you can order him a new one."

As a response, Billy stitched a video of himself reassuring Amari that he will get him a new train set.

"Hey baby boy, Daddy's at work now, and yes, yes, I will order you another one, a new train set, exactly that one," Billy told Amari.

Coleen gave birth to Amari in September 2020, two years after she tied the knot with Billy in Balesin.

Last month, Coleen and Amari traveled to Hong Kong for a mother-and-son bonding experience.

According to Coleen, Hong Kong holds a special place in her heart because it's where she and Billy Crawford used to go every Halloween until they got married.

"So it feels so special to have had the chance to bring Amari here," she said.



— Hermes Joy Tunac/LA, GMA Integrated News