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Introducing kansi, the Ilonggo version of Bacolod bulalo

Sour, bony, and bare of other ingredients, the kansi is an Ilonggo dish often compared to sinigang and bulalo due to its broth and marrow. But according to Saksi, the light-bodied broth is indeed the Ilonggo version of Bacolod's bulalo.
Both dishes have the similar feature of beef bones floating in stew, but Ilonggos stripped away the vegetables from the bulalo to make it all about the meat and soup.
Shanks, or the meat beneath an animal's knee, are boiled with beef bones and pre-made broth to fill the dish with flavor. To add its distinct tanginess, batuan or binukaw, a mangosteen variant commonly found in Panay or Negros, is added. 
Achuete is then put into the dish, before it is paired off with a steaming cup of rice.
Kansi is only one of the dishes commonly sought after in Ilonggo-speaking cities. La Paz Batchoy, Pancit Molo, and biscocho, or twice-baked bread topped with butter and sugar, are food Iloilo City is also known for.  — VC, GMA News
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