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Midnight Express: Get a taste of Cavite’s onde-onde and sopa de fideo

Wonder what Caviteños serve on their dining table? Saksi’s "Midnight Express" takes its viewers on a field trip to Cavite for a glimpse of its cuisine.

Onde-onde, Cavite’s rice cake

For those with a sweet tooth, this kakanin from Cavite will surely be a treat! Onde-onde is a variation of Indonesia’s klepon, which is a boiled rice cake with liquid gula jawa or palm sugar filling bathed in coconut bits.

What makes onde-onde different from klepon is its filling. Instead of using gula jawa, onde-onde’s filling is penuche or the candy made from unrefined sugar.

Green food coloring is mixed with malagkit and mixture is then broken into small pieces, which will be filled with penuche bits and boiled in pandan water.

After 10 to 15 minutes, the rice cakes are removed from the boiling water then rolled in grated coconut meat.

Sopa de fideo, Mexican soup in Cavite

Sopa de fideo is the comfort food of Cavite. Cavieteños first had a taste of this noodle soup from the Spaniards back in 1600s. So how did this happen? Puerto de Cavite was the business center during the Spanish times!

To whip this dish up in your home, you'll need garlic, onions, monggo, garbanzos, beans, corn kernels, ham, ground pork, chicken stock, tomato sauce, milk, and sotanghon, of course.

Sauté garlic and onions. Add the ham and chicken stock, then boil. Add beans, mongo, garbanzos, and corn kernels to the boiling water.

When cooked, put in sotanghon and pour in tomato sauce and milk.

The result? “¡Muy delicioso!” host Mikael Daez exclaimed. — Trisha Macas/JDS, GMA News

Midnight Express airs Mondays to Thursdays on GMA 7’s Saksi.