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Mamma Mia’s Modern Italian Comfort Food opens in BGC

It’s amusing how similar Filipinos and Italians are when it comes to their love for family and food — from using the freshest ingredients to swearing their mothers' spaghetti is the best.

Like the Italians, we love warm comfort food that speaks to the soul, preferably served in portions good for family-style dining.

Enter Mamma Mia, an Italian restaurant at Uptown Palace, delivering just that.

Mamma Mia. All photos by Jericho San Miguel
Mamma Mia. All photos by Jericho San Miguel

Mamma Mia offers a delicious dining experience with authentic Italian dishes, and drinks to boot from morning – with a selection of Italian coffees - until the wee hours of the night.

A typical practice in Italy, it is Mamma Mia’s mission to introduce this Italian dining culture to Filipinos whose idea of fun moments with loved ones, center primarily on having good food and drinks.

“Mamma Mia welcomes diners to stay as long as they want. We want our clients not only to savor our well-loved Italian dishes, but also to experience the typical dining practice in Italy, in which eating and drinking can extend to very long hours,” says Giulius Iapino, president of the Rigatoni Corporation, the company behind Mamma Mia.

“Since I was a kid, I have always been fond of such scenes in Italy, wherein patrons practically stay in a restaurant from morning until nighttime. For breakfast, they would sip their espresso for hours, then for lunch, they would have fresh pasta, and then come nighttime, they would have drinks while listening to music."


Mamma Mia interiors
Mamma Mia interiors

It is something he's not seen in Manila just yet. "Italian restaurants here offer either food or drinks only. We want to introduce that kind of Italian dining culture to the Filipinos; that kind of set up where you can stay, eat and drink for a long time and that is perfectly okay,” adds Iapino.

To get Filipinos acquainted with the Italian way of eating and drinking, Mamma Mia delivers the concept with motherly warmth and hospitality. Entering the premises feels like stepping inside an Italian home with an Italian mamma ready to welcome you with a bottle of wine and a few big plates of comfort food — family style, of course.

Start your meal with an antipasti plate of Melon and Pumpkin Wrapped with Prosciutto Al Forno; the refreshing fruit and savory vegetable are wrapped in mildly salty prosciutto, and served with a tangy yogurt dip.

Mamma Mia
Mamma Mia brings the simple Carbonara dish but adding a thick slab of melted Parmesan.

The Carbonara Mamma Mia uses the rustic recipe used by Italian shepherds back when all they would bring with them on their long walks would be fresh pasta, and egg, and parmesan, and pancetta.

But Mamma Mia takes the simple dish to a whole new level by adding a thick slab of chewy, melted Parmesan, slightly charred to complement the smoky pancetta. 

While their pastas are impressive, their pizzas are even more so. The most popular one on the menu, Pizza Mortadella E Pistacchio, uses slices of mortadella, an Italian luncheon meat, with a very generous drizzle of sweet, nutty pistachio sauce.

The most popular pizza
The most popular pizza, Mortadella E Pistacchio, uses slices of mortadella with a very generous drizzle of sweet, nutty pistachio sauce.

The dough is what makes their pizzas extra special, made fresh every time, and when placed in their imported wood-fire oven, results in a chewy crust that’ll make you want to go for the ends first.

As an extra treat, the crust is filled with a blend of cheeses - Taleggio, Mozazarella, cream cheese, and mascarpone, guaranteeing even kids will scarf down every cheesy morsel.

Mamma Mia embraces the all day and all night service concept combining the restaurant and bar in a single venue seamlessly. And true to its word, Mamma Mia carries a wide range of menu items for lunch and dinner, complemented with a long list of Italian wines, liquors, Italian beers, and special cocktails.

“Just like the restaurants in Italy, Mamma Mia will transform its service as the day progresses, offering light to heavy meals and drinks to keep patrons to their tables. We would like to cater and get different kinds of people together, those who may love coffee, but not necessarily wines or beer, those who chill out with friends, and those who are bonding with family members while having some drinks, all in the name of fun and having a good time,” says Cyrus Cruz, Mamma Mia’s marketing head. — LA, GMA News

To help guests get into the season of celebrating, Mamma Mia is offering a discount promo of 30% off your entire bill, from November 22 to December 22, by simply liking Mamma Mia’s Facebook page and showing it to their server.

GF, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.