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Customer discovers 3 little cockroaches in a branded fruit tea

A netizen took to Facebook about discovering not one, not two, but three little cockroaches in a fruit tea he bought from a Gong Cha store at a mall in Greenhills.

Much to his disgust, the customer Nico Yabut posted a video and some photos of the Passion Fruit tea with coco jelly that he gulped down after enduring a long queue at the beverage store on January 2 at about 5pm.

"The drink was really good. But just as I was (a)bout to finish the drink, I moved the cup-sleeve to check how much I had left and I was utterly shocked to see 3.... yes, 3 LITTLE COCKROACHES in my drink," Nico's Facebook post read.

After reminding the public to be meticulous and to check their orders before consuming them, Nico appealed to the management of the milk tea store to investigate the incident.

"To the management at GONGCHA PH. You might want to investigate. This is simply unacceptable," he said.

GMA News Online has already reached out to Gong Cha Philippines for comment.

Gong cha Philippines, on its Facebook page, said the company was made aware of the news about a post circulating in social media "regarding the quality of an item served to one of our customers."

"Let it be known that we are investigating this matter thoroughly and shall take appropriate action," the company said.

"Gong cha assures its legions of customers that it will re-double its efforts in ensuring the highest quality product in the world enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. We humbly ask for your understanding and know that we take all matters regarding our products with utmost attention and concern," the company added. — LA/BAP, GMA News

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