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Ube cheese pandesal, anyone?

A bakery in Silang, Cavite just did us a favor.

Kimmy Bakes Bakeshop put ube and cheese together in one pandesal, and it’s as delicious as it sounds. Bite into the fluffy ube pandesal, and a cheesy surprise awaits.

According to a “24 Oras” report, Kimmy Bakes Bakeshop began offering the innovative product just two months ago, and in the short span of time, they’ve become a pilgrimage of sorts; people from different provinces make the trek just to get their fill of it.

Kimmy Bakes Bakeshop has been selling 5,000 pieces of the ube cheese pandesal a day.

The ube cheese pandesal comes in a pack of 15, which you can get for P175.

The bakeshop has only been open for three months, but with Kimmy having been a homebaker for four years, there’s a lot more breads and pastries to try: Their Spanish bread is also a favorite, as their bread pudding. — LA, GMA News

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