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Why is milk tea such a hit for Pinoys?

Who wouldn't love the sweet drink that's perfect for hot days?

Milk tea is definitely a big favorite of Filipinos since it popped up in the market in recent years.

But what is the explanation behind the craze?


In an episode of Pinas Sarap, Asian Studies expert Gilbert Que said that milk tea as we know it was invented in the 1980's.

It originated in Central Taiwan, specifically Taichung. Chun Shui Tan is the oldest milk tea shop in the city.

And the reason why Pinoys was so receptive of it is probably because it's sweet — and not that strange.

"Here in the Philippines, tuwang tuwa tayo dito kasi mahilig nga tayo sa matamis. Mainit sa Philippines so the milk tea is almost always served cold," he said.

Pinoys also love dessert, a favorite being the classic halo-halo. When you think about it, it's also a cold treat with stuff that's fun to chew on!

"Mahilig din tayo sa mga desserts like the halo-halo. It's part liquid, part solid, parang mga jelly, tapioce, mga fruits," Que explained.

"So hindi siya very foreign to what we have here in the Philippines so I guess we were more readily open or accepting of this new kind of drink," he added.

And with shop after shop opening in 2016, no wonder it caught people's attention!

—JCB, GMA News

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