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Home cook gives COVID-19 relief goods a gourmet presentation

Though not a gourmet chef, Jadey Detera is pulling out all the creative stops in ramping up dishes made from relief goods.

In Katrina Son's Saturday report on 24 Oras Weekend, Detera said that his inspiration came from the “toxic situation” amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

"It all started with the toxic situation. 'Yung pag mag-check ka ng Facebook, everyone is complaining, everyone is like crying out, 'ano ba, walang ayuda.' Ganyan," he said.

"So parang sabi ko, um, why don't I start posting 'yung mga simpleng pagkain na ilagay sa plating na parang restaurant-style 'yung dating," he added.

Chef Jerry Cruz, meanwhile, said that the dishes may also be improved not only through plating but also through other methods.

"Ang sardinas hindi naman isang klaseng luto lang ang gawin, eh. Puwede mo rin siya lagyan ng sabaw o lagyan ng miswa, diba? 'Yung iba naman kalamansi lang ang nilalagay," Cruz said. Joahna Lei Casilao/DVM, GMA News