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TikTok-famous donut shop from Davao is now in Quezon City

If you've been on TikTok, particularly on #FoodTok, for quite some time now, then you would probably know about P Donuts, a donut shop hailing from Davao which trended on social media for its bestselling Milky Cheese Donut.

The first Metro Manila branch of P Donuts is located in Malate, which until now is drawing long lines from new and regular customers because of its affordable and best-tasting line of donuts. But if you reside in Quezon City, then you're lucky because P Donuts just expanded to a new branch in Spark Place, Cubao.

According to Michael and Sheila Lu, the couple behind P Donuts and Davao's well-loved bakery Panadero Bakeshop, they decided to expand their business in Metro Manila because they wanted to offer affordable yet high-quality donuts at par with those of international donut brands.

"Gusto namin mag offer ng donuts na lower prices kasi nakita namin mga donuts dito sa Manila, ang mamahal," Sheila told GMA News Online.

"Kaya naman makabenta ng lower price na donut na masarap," she added.

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Meanwhile, Piolo Pascual, the handpicked endorser of P Donuts, said he takes pride in supporting local.

"It's nice to support something local, and at the same time, we can be rest assured that it tastes good and presentable," Piolo said.

"[It's] something na pwede mo talaga ipagmalaki," the actor added.

Some of P Donuts' bestsellers include Milky Cheese Donuts (P35), Glazed Donuts (P15), Alcapone (P35), Pastillas Frost (P40), and Choco Yema (P40), among others.

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—MGP, GMA Integrated News

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