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Sorbetes, Halo-halo among TasteAtlas’ Top 50 Best Frozen Desserts in the World

Two of the country’s well-loved sweet courses made it to TasteAtlas’ Top 50 Best Frozen Desserts in the World!

Sorbetes made it to Top 5, with TasteAtlas describing the dessert as "a popular Filipino ice cream flavored with ingredients such as mango, chocolate, cheese, coconut, and purple yam (ube)."

Our Halo-halo on the other hand was ranked number 43.

The "refreshing" summer dessert was detailed by the website as a mixture of "fruit and beans, topped with finely crushed ice and either milk or ice cream."

"Some of the most common halo-halo ingredients include bananas, jackfruit, coconut, sweet potatoes, red mung beans, chickpeas, sugar palm fruit, purple yam jam, leche flan, and - in recent times - even sweet corn or corn crisps," it added.

Meanwhile, Iranian ice cream bastani sonnati received the highest spot, followed by Peruvian dessert queso helado.

This is not the first time that Filipino dishes have been acknowledged by the food cataloging project.

In April, sinigang and bulalo were spotted in TasteAtlas’ Top 50 Best Soups in the World.



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— Carby Basina/LA, GMA Integrated News