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Ice cream made from plastic? Someone in London developed that

This vanilla ice cream developed in London has an interesting twist and story behind it.

In a report on “Saksi,” the ice cream was created through various scientific processes as a way to resolve plastic pollution in the environment.

The end result, called Guilty Flavors, looks like and has the texture of regular ice cream, and can be scooped and frozen.

However, the ice cream is still considered inedible because it had not undergone the food safety test.

Plastic pollution has become among the most pervasive environmental problems in the world today. It's been found in salt, in human blood, and closer to home, in Metro Manila air.

People have been proposing plenty of solutions, including legislating the ban of single-use plastics as well as scaling up the refilling method.    

With the plastic-made ice cream still inedible, perhaps reducing plastic consumption and eating dairy-made ice cream are the better course of action. 

“Saksi” is GMA Network's late-night newscast hosted by Arnold Clavio and Pia Arcangel. It airs Mondays to Fridays at 10:50 p.m. — Nika Roque/LA, GMA Integrated News