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Manila, among the 10 most stressful cities in the world

Among 150 cities considered for a study about the least and most stressful cities in the world, Manila ranked 141, or among the lowest 10 of the study.

In selecting the 150 cities on the list, the study conducted by UK-based dry-cleaning and laundry service Zipjet, looked at 500 locations based on data “relating to the cities themselves, pollution, finance and the citizens,” Zipjet informs in its website. It then analyzed criteria including traffic, security, and mental health issues.

“A low score indicates a low level of stress, with each increasing number indicating a higher level of stress,” Zipjet continues. As such, getting a score of 1 represents the least amount of stress, and 10, the most amount of stress.

After factoring in all 17 categories, Germany’s Stuttgart came out the least stressful city, being ranked 1, with a total score of 1. 

Germany dominated the 10 least stressful cities with four cities, three of which are in the top 5.

Baghdad in Iraq has a total score of 10, making it the most stressful city at rank 150.
Manila, in rank 141, had a score of 8.92.

Below is the top 10 least stressful cities:

  1. Stuttgart (Germany)
  2. Luxemborg (Luxemborg)
  3. Hannover (Germany)
  4. Bern (Switzerland)
  5. Munich (Germany)
  6. Bordeux (France)
  7. Edinburgh (UK)
  8. Sydney (Sydney)
  9. Hamburg (Germany)
  10. Graz (Austria)

And the top 10 most stressful cities:

  1. Baghdad (Iraq)
  2. Kabul (Afghanistan)
  3. Lagos (Nigeria)
  4. Dakar (Senegal)
  5. Cairo (Egypt)
  6. Tehran (Iran)
  7. Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  8. Karachi (Pakistan)
  9. New Delhi (India)
  10. Manila (Philippines)
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