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Winwyn Marquez on embracing, caring for her morena skin

Feeling blue because you don't have that coveted "pinkish glow"?

Reigning Reina Hispanoamericana Teresita Ssen "Winwyn" Marquez knows that it's not always easy loving the skin you're in. However, having friends who appreciate your beauty and being in a good environment will help you feel aglow, too. 

Herself a morena, Teresita in an interview with GMA News Online concurred that "our country is known for whitening for products" and it's been an issue for ages. 

"Ako kasi, I embrace my skin color. I have a family who appreciates my skin color," she said. 

She advised people, especially the younger generation, not to be swayed by what they see on ads. "It doesn't mean that it's on TV, that they have to follow it or that it's a must."


Morena skincare with the reina

"Ako, personally, hindi ako nag-whi-whitening products," she said. "And ang daming nakaka-appareciate ngayon ng morena skin."

Teresita further clarified it's hard to tell if being morena or being more pale will be an advantage in competitions like beauty pageants, because you can't tell what the judges prefer. "Kung 'yong talaga ang skin color mo, 'wag mo ng baguhin."

What's more important is proper skincare — which means plenty of sunblock!

"Always use sunblock! It doesn't mean na medyo morena ka, ayaw mo ng mag-sunblock! 'Di ba may gano'n?" she said. Sunblock will also even out your skin tone, she said. 


Teresita said that it's important to find a routine that works for you and as for makeup, be as bold as you want to be! 

When asked if morena girls should avoid bright colors like red or yellow, she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, no! Go with red, bagay! Go with coral colors, kasi mas mag-pa-pop 'yan sa'yo. Mas mysterious kang tingnan!"

"Sometimes, when you walk into a room, you want everyone to look at you and the best way to do that is wear some color. Don't be afraid," she said. — GMA News