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Pinoy artist creates Filipino lead characters for his Pixar short animated film

Pixar Animation Studios recently launched Spark Shorts, an indie film-making experiment "that welcomes new creative voices at Pixar to share their stories."

Among the participating animated movies is "Float" by Pinoy artist Bobby Rubio and according to Rubio, it features the first-ever animated Filipino lead characters of a Pixar short film.



On his Twitter account, Rubio answered a question from one of his followers and confirmed that yes, the two leads of his upcoming short film are in fact, Filipino.

"YES @rachjuramirez those are #Filipino lead characters in my #Pixar #SparkShort!" he wrote.



He said this will be Pixar's first CGI with Pinoy characters.

"@Pixar’s first all #CGI Filipino characters! So technically, the first #Pixnoys!"

"I am proud to tell our stories. I know what it means to see our culture represented on screen!  #RepresentationMatters," he continued.

In another tweet he said he knows how it feels to be underrepresented which is why he created Pinoy leads for "Float."

"I am so grateful to tell our stories. I know what it means to be underrepresented... I’m going to do my best to tell MORE!"



According to Pixar, the first three shorts will be launched in El Capitan Theater beginning on January 18 followed by a launch on YouTube in the following weeks.

Rubio is known for his works in "Tarzan," "Avatar The Last Airbender," "Up," "The legend of Korra," "Inside Out," "Hercules" and "Incredibles 2." — LA, GMA News

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