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Here are some tips to combat cabin fever while in quarantine

Some of us may be feeling a bit restless from having to stay home for long periods of time as Luzon is put under enhanced community quarantine.

It could be simple boredom with the limited activities we can do, but it can also be cabin fever--a temporary disorder experienced when confined in isolation.

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According to Dr. Ali Gui, a psychologist, Filipinos have a more difficult time dealing with having to remain indoors compared to those who live in colder countries.

"Actually ang mga tao sanay sa labas di ba? Tayo konting buga lang, labas na tayo," she said in Nelson Canlas' report on "24 Oras."

Unlike the people who are used to staying put on snow days, Pinoys usually go outside rain or shine.

"Iba kasi ang behavior nating mga Filipino, iba ang kultura natin kaysa sa mga banyaga nating mga kapatid," Gui said.

Now that the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has forced us to sit still, here are some useful tips to avoid feeling irritable and lonely.

1. Take vitamins

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Taking supplements can help us get essential nutrients to stay in tip-top shape.

2. Get some sun

There's a reason why we love going to the beach. Soaking up all the sunshine can help us get our dose of happy hormones and fight off depression.

3. Exercise

It might be tempting to just sit back and watch Netflix all day, but becoming a couch potato isn't going to help our mood. Get your energy up and start moving those muscles!

4. Stimulate the brain cells

Our mind needs an exercise, too, so pick up a new book to read or try learning a new skill. Challenge yourself!

5. Limit intake of carbohydrates and sweets

Beware of sweets and carbs in this period of low activity. Your blood sugar can be imbalanced, so resist those chocolates and candies for now.

6. Communicate with others

We might be separated from others physically, but there's plenty of technology to keep in touch. Go and ring your friends on video call instead of just texting.

7. Pray 

Finally, whatever faith or creed we belong to, let's keep believing that we will get through this virus. --MGP, GMA News