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How to color white hair using ordinary household items

Are those pesky white hairs back after months of not being able to go to the salon?

In a segment on “Unang Hirit” Friday, hair expert Lourd Ramos shared how you could safely color your own hair at home using ordinary household items.

Ramos also shared some life hacks that make hair coloring as painless as possible, but with great results.

1. Tools

You don’t need state-of-the-art tools to get rid of white hair.

Find a small plastic bowl to mix the color in, and an old toothbrush or comb to spread it out.

You can use an old or dark-colored towel and wrap it around your shoulders before coloring.

You can also cut holes into a large trash bag to serve as a cape to protect your clothes.

2. How to protect your scalp, hair, and face

Apart from wearing gloves, Ramos advised applying petroleum jelly to the face near the hairline to prevent the chemicals from affecting your skin.

It’s also best not to wash your hair before coloring it so the natural oils stay on. “’Pag naglagay ka ng kulay, (tapos) sasabihin ‘ang hapdi ang hapdi,’ actually, kasalanan mo kasi nagshampoo ka,” Ramos shared. 

Meanwhile, applying baby powder to the scalp can also help people with sensitive skin.

3. Procedure

Ramos suggested coloring in your white hairs every 30th or 31st day of the month.

You could start by parting your hair on the middle and applying the product onto the roots. You then work your way to the sides and the back of your head before finally spreading it out to the rest of the strands with a comb.

Wait 30-35 minutes for the product to work its magic before thoroughly rinsing it off and voila—no more white hair!

Learning how to color your own hair at home will not only save you time and money; it’s also less risky than going to the salon during the COVID-19 pandemic. – Margaret Claire Layug/RC, GMA News