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Alice Dixson tries the 16:8 intermittent fast for a month, shares results in vlog

Alice Dixson went on the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet for a month and shared her experience on her latest vlog post.

The actress said she decided to try after researching about it, and talking with her friend, Alma Concepcion, and learning that among IF's benefits are fat loss, improved cognitive function, lower inflammation, lower blood pressure, blood sugar control, and better metabolic health.

Alice did the 16:8 version, which means within 24 hours, she only had eight hours to eat. The other 16 hours of the day is her non-eating period.

The 16:8 version isn't advised for first-timers and as such, Alice allowed her body to first adjust, shortening her non-eating periods.

She was met with difficulty on her third week, with Alice wanting to quit already, but she realized that the benefits of IF outweighs the lack of physical visible results.

After a month, Alice felt less bloated, and able to to control her hunger pangs better.

Other celebrities who shared tidbits of their IF journey in Alice's vlog include Christopher Roxas, Danica Pingris, and Tim Yap.

Lotlot de Leon previously shared she has been doing the 16:8 IF which helped her lose weight. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News