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Pia Wurtzbach gets real about burnout: 'Naubos ako, kumbaga'

Pia Wurtzbach is not immune to getting stressed and burnt out, and she got real about it in her latest Instagram post.

Currently in Scotland with fiancé Jeremy Jauncey and his family, Pia said she “was getting really burned out cos I didn’t take a break after the marathon.”

“I kept going as usual and kept filling up spaces in my calendar thinking it was the right decision. ‘Laban lang!’ as we’d always say. That turned out to be the wrong move,” the Miss Universe 2015 queen said.

“Naubos ako, kumbaga.”

Pia added that she would feel guilty whenever she took time for herself. “It happens to a lot of us who love pouring ourselves into the things we love,” she said.

And for these reasons, the beauty queen, actress, and content creator said, “So grateful that this holiday season gave me the chance to properly SWITCH OFF.”

She made sure to finish all of her work commitments before leaving Manila to “focus on the art of doing nothing,” adding, “And it was great..and much needed.”

To recharge, Pia’s trip did not follow any plans or itinerary.

“Just chilling. Not even answering messages or emails. Sometimes you need that. To 100% disconnect yourself from the grind,” she said.

Before ending her post, Pia wished everyone a great and promising start to the year.

“And I hope those who wrote ‘get healthy’ in their goals / resolutions are still powering through!” she added.

Pia has been open about her mental health struggles and gives encouraging words to her followers who may be going through the same.




—Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News