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Kris Aquino is hopeful she can get better after getting a new doctor

Kris Aquino shared an update on her health journey, saying she's found a new doctor who has given her hope that she will get better.

On Instagram, Thursday, Kris said that in order to meet the doctor, she "waited 3-and-a-half months to have a face-to-face consultation."

"I know I made the right choice because after months of uncertainty, he gave someone like me, suffering from multiple autoimmune conditions the most important element needed: the renewed confidence to HOPE that although it will be a long process, I do have a strong chance of getting better," she said.

Her doctor goes unnamed for now as she said she wasn't able to ask permission to share his name.

In her post, she also wrote, "For all of you, thank you for continuing to pray for me."

She also thanked fashion designer Michael Leyva, who visited her in the United States. She expressed her gratitude to him for being a loyal friend and being a "kuya" to her sons, Josh and Bimby.

Along with clips of her medical experience, her sons are also featured heavily in the Instagram reel, bringing her a cake and balloons.

One of the last updates before this showed that she was gaining a healthy amount of weight.

Kris also made sure to fulfill her promise to son Josh and visited Disneyland with her sons.

—Kimberly Tsao/MGP, GMA Integrated News

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