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Vicki Belo explains why you should ditch moisturizers: ‘Moisturization should come from the inside out’

Have you ever heard of the skincare mantra, “cleanse, tone, moisturize?” Well, Dr. Vicki Belo, would advise to ditch the third step and replace it with exfoliation instead.

In an exclusive interview with the founder and CEO of Belo Medical Group, Belo said people don’t have to add moisture to the skin because our cells produce our body’s own moisturization.

“I’m anti-moisturizer because you create your own moisture, and I believe it should come from inside your skin,” Belo told GMA Integrated News.

According to Belo, when people opt to apply moisturizer every time their skin feels rough and dry, the hyaluronic acid skin cells won't any more send hydrant because you’re tricking your skin into thinking it’s already moisturized.

It stops the skin’s natural ability to regenerate cells and moisturize itself.

While moisturizers may seem to fix the problem, Belo said once you stop using them, your skin will only return to its previous state.

“Then, when you forget to use your moisturizer in one day or two, your skin will get back to being rough and dry until you get dependent on using moisturizer,” Belo explained.

Instead of using moisturizer, Belo encourages using products that will boost your skin's ability to create its own natural collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin.

So instead of doing “cleanse, tone, moisturize,” the 67-year-old beauty doctor suggests following a cleanse, exfoliate, serum (Vitamin C), and sunscreen routine in the morning, and cleanse, tone, and serum (Vitamin A/Retinol) in the evening.

“The key is to reveal the baby-soft skin you already have underneath instead of piling on a faux layer of moisture that won’t fix the problem,” Belo concluded. — LA, GMA Integrated News