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DOH: Do no harm, avoid jokes related to illness on April Fools’ Day

On the eve of April Fools' Day, the Department of Health called on the public to avoid jokes or pranks related to illness, death, and physical and mental conditions.

In a series of tweets on microblogging platform X, Health Secretary Ted Herbosa urged the public to go for "considerate and wholesome fun" instead.

"The Department of Health acknowledges that in many cultures, the first day of April is often called April Fool's Day—a day when there is an outbreak of pranks or jokes," he said.

"First, do no harm. The DOH urges all would-be pranksters to please avoid jokes related to illness, disease, and other physical or mental conditions, most especially about the loss of life. Doing so adds to stigma we want less of," he said.

"Always be kind to each other, and please have a Happy April Fool's Day!" he added. — Sherylin Untalan/BM, GMA Integrated News