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The 6 most ridiculously amazing moments from ‘Ika-6 Na Utos’

And so we're on the first Monday that Ika-6 na Utos is not on TV. How are you handling it?

The GMA afternoon teleserye aired its final episode on Saturday, which of course featured outrageous scenes that people have come to love the TV show for.

Because we're missing it so much, allow us to run down the six most outrageous scenes:


This list starts with a bang.

Our main characters Emma and Georgia just can't seem to stop wanting the same thing. What started as a fight over a stroller ends with a (thankfully) non-lethal shooting involving a Nerf gun. Consider how you'd react if you see two pregnant duking it out (with pillows) and then one of them starts yelling with a toy gun in her hand. You'd probably whip your phone out, because it's the kind of thing that goes viral online — and this scene did! It birthed a lot of memes and even comic strips.


Georgia in this episode was decidedly not happy that Rome brought their daughter Sydney to the park. He accused Rome of using Cindy to meet with Emma and when Rome told her she was being irrational, another fight was sparked. There's a verbal confrontation, with Emma berating Georgia for her poor parenting skills. Georgia counters by bringing up Emma's deceased children and then comes the slap!

They start getting physical and then Georgia gets her hands on a basket of balut. Emma arms herself with her own basket. it's worth noting that the two have great aim...and Emma paid for the wasted food.


The epic fights aren't just between Emma and Georgia. Georgia's sister Geneva also hates Emma and the feeling is requited. In fact, Emma doesn't just return Geneva's hate — she literally multiplies it.

Emma with great force presses Geneva's mug against a photocopying machine. Yes, she presses the copy button and produces prints of Geneva's flattened face.


It has come to this: farts.

In case it isn't clear by now, Emma is a fighter. It's not beneath her to pelt people with food or humiliate them with office gadgets, so it's definitely believable that she would bribe a waiter to mess with Georgia's drink. Hate makes people do unsavory things and, sooner or later, things get really messy. Laxatives level messy.

Yes, Emma put LBM-inducing drug in Georgia's drink and it leads to Emma farting at a party.


Oy vey! Emma and Georgia will take any chance to throw a punch. When the two meet at the mall, accompanied by their respective partners, a shouting match begins to ensue. Emma demands that her son Austin be returned to her, but Rome (of course) refuses. Georgia butts in to defend her man and then pow.

The women rumble on an escalator — an intense but short chase follows — and it ends with Georgia being hit by what looks like cake.


Emma, Emma, Emma. Clearly, Georgia is written as the "villain", but Emma is versed in the art of antagonizing her enemies.

The best part of this scene is the salesperson assisting the pair with their choice of wedding gowns, because she cannot read a room to save her life. There's tension, there's yelling, and she interrupts to offer another gown to Georgia plus throws the question: "Magkakilala pala kayo ma'am?" Gold. That's gold.

As expected, the scene escalates as Emma and Georgia destroy each other's dresses. There's another salesperson who is just watching this unfold politely. She and her co-worker come to their senses once punches are thrown and they call security.

There's more than these 6 scenes to enjoy. Discover or relive the moments via GMA Network's official YouTube channel. — Aya Tantiangco/LA, GMA News


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