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Pinoy designer reimagines what Friendster would look like now

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook—these are the social media giants dominating our time today, but do you remember Friendster?

A Pinoy designer looked back at the platform that was once “the hottest social networking site” and reimagined what Friendster would look like if it were still around today.

Sharing the images on Facebook on Thursday, 25-year-old Lawrence Suzara’s redesigned Friendster had features such as autoplay music, testimonials, and profile visit counters but with sleeker designs.

“If Friendster, Asia’s grandfather of social networking, is still a thing in 2020,” he wrote.

According to the multimedia designer, if Friendster were alive today, he’d switch back to it in a heartbeat.

“During the quarantine, I got to spend more time with Facebook,” Lawrence explained. “Although the user interface is clean, especially with the new design update, I still found it boring. Also, my news feed has become toxic lately.”

With its customizable features, Friendster had a special place in his heart, according to Lawrence.

“It was fun and everybody focused on making their profile pages beautiful, gather testimonials from real friends, and choosing the perfect music to autoplay that describes your personality,” Lawrence said.

“No toxicity, just legitimate socializing,” he added. – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News