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Today x Future: All the things we love and will miss about the tiny bar in Cubao

On Thursday, a quaint little resto-bar on General Malvar in Cubao, Quezon City announced its farewell on the backdrop of the global coronavirus pandemic. It was nearing its 12th year anniversary.

Today x Future, fondly called Future or TxF, served as home to all.

Entering its doors, one would be welcomed by a warm embrace — literally, with everyone at the dance floor, moving aimlessly under the disco ball, especially during the weekends.



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Its halls were small, but the crowds it drew were big. So big, that they often spilled over to the streets. Strangers turned to friends, and friends to more, but sometimes it weaved the other way around.

Future's announcement came days before the scheduled Pride Celebration, which was always a highlight, along with the must-attend Halloween parties.

With the nightlife industry suspended and patrons still stuck at home, we look back at what we love the most from Future.



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The crowd

What set Future apart was that it welcomed everyone. Every single one. There were the straights, the gays, the bisexuals, and every one in the gender spectrum. The rainbow was fully represented and celebrated.

Future was a home, a safe space, for all walks of life. It was a mix, a hodgepodge of different beliefs, cultures, identities. 

The first time I step foot in Future was during a Halloween party. I was greeted by a man in a priest costume, asking if I wanted to go to heaven. I learned later that he was a journalist who edits articles for an online news platform.





Since that year I've seen a range of costumes — Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Ivy Aguas, a hotdog, an egg, Jesus Christ, and Salvador Dali, even before the Money Heist aired.

Ever so often there would be a celebrity,  a musician chugging a bottle of beer, a model downing a cocktail, directors having a smoke, but it wasn't that much of a big deal.

The music

A wide range of music would be played, depending on what day of the week it was. It catered to all ears. From indie to jazz to hiphop, and funk to pop and EDM.

Weekends tended to be full packed. The DJs and the crowds fed off each other, at times electric. Despite its size, the dance floor could and would always accommodate more.



THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! HUGS to the FASCINATING @pjxtine ???????? til the next FASCINATION STREET??????????????

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Crowd favorites included with Robyn's "Dancing on My Own," and those outside would rush back to the dancefloor upon hearing Sarah G's "Tala" or Donnalyn Bartolome's "Kakaibabe."

Patrons would wait sometimes until midnight for the best sets from DJs, like Joey Santos who would indulge the floor with Carly Rae Jepsen songs.


Future's food and pulutan selection were severely underrated. Its pizza was a crowd pleaser and paired well with most drinks. The hot sauce was insane.

"The Pains of Being Pure at Heart" — deep fried chicken gizzard wrapped in bacon, was a personal favorite, along with bacon marinated in beer.



???? All the lovers, PIZZA LOVERS ???? ????????????????????????????????????????????

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Drinks were as creative as the place itself and did not disappoint. A few rounds of beergarita — a mix of beer and margarita — did the job and did it well. It didn't hurt that they were always on "buy one take one."

It wouldn't take long for strangers to hand out cups filled with alcoholic drinks, of which no one, not even them, knew what the mix was.

It was a rare night when tequila shots weren't availed, with the shot glasses lined up on the silver tray, with salt and lime.

The Parties

Aside from Halloween, Future was the official-unofficial venue for several events such as the Pride March, concerts held in the nearby Kia Theater, and everything in between.

Countless mirror selfies have been taken in its restrooms, along with photos of that blue "The Future is Now" signage sprawled on top of the bar.

Future was where the queue for the male restroom was always longer than the females, and a line at the bar would build up during events.

The streets would be full, and several times the second floor was opened to accommodate more. At times nearby patrol cars would have to be called in due to noise complaints.



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Still, Future was a sanctuary. It was a home and refuge for its patrons.

For now, it will be time for its baby sibling "Futur:st" to spread its wings in Poblacion in Makati.

"Thank you for letting us be your space, your home where you grew up, fell in love, fell out of love, discovered so much, learned a lot, met so many people we're sure you hold close until now. Thank you for letting Today x Future be part of your lives," it said in its goodbye.

But it's really the other way around. Thank you, Today x Future, for being our space. Our home. We hope to see you again in the future, in some form or shape.



Future will have "one last hurrah" on June 27, in line with its online pride celebration. More details will be announced in the coming days. — LA, GMA News